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Hope Springs Eternal

Some of us look forward to spring with hope. We anticipate a time of rebirth and renewal.

Yet over the past while it’s been hard to feel optimistic. Cuts to public services have threatened our health care and education systems by affecting nurses, teachers, and other front-line workers who care for our children, the elderly, and vulnerable. Many of these same public sector workers have been bringing in a steady income while their tradesperson spouses were laid off. The bottom line is: austerity will not bring back the oil and gas industry to its former glory.

Some are feeling despair, while others fear what the future holds. Rather than give in to fear or despair, we can still have hope. We can work together for a better community, city, and province. We can share our voices about what matters to us and our families, and take action to ensure our future.

For some, that means putting on our marching shoes and hitting the streets. For others, it means getting involved with political campaigns for parties and candidates that share their values. It can mean writing letters to the editors of newspapers, engaging in discussions on social media, and even one-on-one conversations with friends and family members.

After all (and I know I have said this before), changing the world starts with changing the world around you. That change can start with a glimmer of hope this spring, and always.

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