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Asking “How are you?” is a Life-Saver for Family and Friends

We are all experiencing this pandemic together, and we need to help each other to get through it. For some of us, our busy lives have been reduced to staying home and hardly ever seeing another soul, except at the grocery store. I know many of us find the isolation difficult, especially seniors. So let’s make a pact to phone or send a text or e-mail people we care about. That will help all of us feel better – and it won’t cause the pandemic to get worse. We all need to hear someone ask, “How are you?” and share concerns.

All my life I’ve lived a busy life as a wife and mother and teacher. My days were filled with people. As a single parent I raised two daughters by myself, worked as many as four jobs at once besides taking care of my girls, and fixed up several old houses. Every day was filled with people – talking, listening, and sharing common concerns.

Although we may have many friends, COVID-19 has made seeing them difficult. Sometimes months go by without seeing another human being, even though I walk my dogs twice a day past houses with families of busy people inside. I know how it feels to seem to be really alone, yet living near others who are also alone. We are all in our own cocoons due to the pandemic.

What we all need is a caring neighbour, family member, or friend to call or send an e-mail and just ask, “How are you doing today?” So if you have a mom or dad, or other senior relative, or a colleague who is now retired and alone, why not call them and just ask “How are you?” Those three words show kindness, concern, and caring, and would be truly welcome.

Joanne has lived in McCauley for 15 years. She retired from full-time positions in 2006 and has since taught future teachers at the U of A about teaching art, coordinated the painting of 500 feet of murals along the Stadium LRT line, and helped with the garden contests in McCauley.

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