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Introducing Rocky

Rocky and Massimo. Teresa Spinelli

Our son Massimo had Christmas early this year with Rocky, our sweet new Golden Retriever pup!

They’re already inseparable. It’s lovely to see their bond developing, and my son’s pooper-scooper skills are coming along nicely. The nights having to get up to let Rocky out to pee aren’t as bad as I thought, and it’s just so worth it for all the love that’s happening in our home. My husband Mike’s in love with him too. I mean with the dog; Massimo already means the world to him.

You will see Massimo & Rocky walking around the neighbourhood even when it is -20 out – part of the deal when we agreed to get a dog.  Rocky is teaching us all about responsibility, patience and most importantly LOVE.

And yes, this dog loves to eat. Welcome to our famiglia.

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