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July & August 2011

Summer is here – and that is the theme of this issue. We’ve got articles about summer projects, summer in other places, and why summer is just so wonderful.

As well, summer means a lot of outdoor community events, like Heart of the City and the annual Community Clean Up – both of which are covered within these pages.

Looking at our masthead, some may wonder if we have a new member of our Board of Directors. Actually, we have the same Treasurer with a new name – Drea De Klerk (formerly Chrapko) got married in May. Congratulations to Drea and her husband Louwrens.

In May, I led a workshop for photography for some of our volunteers wishing to get bettet aquainted with digital cameras. A small group of our volunteers joined me in Caboto Park to learn some hands-on techniques for taking better pictures.

If you enjoy taking pictures and writing, consider contributing to BMC News. Our contact information is on this page.

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