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July & August 2017

It’s that time of our publishing cycle for our annual “Summer” issue. It’s always an ideal topic for our July/August combined paper, since the season is part of our collective exerience as humans on this planet. Some of our writers decided to tackle this topic in their columns and articles.

We also have our annual Heart of the City coverage gracing our centrespread. Every year I am amazed at how this fantastic festival is growing and also how it is likely one of Edmonton’s most under-rated events. Wouldn’t it be great if Heart of the City got the media coverage and attention like other festivals at this time of year? This is one of the very reasons Boyle McCauley News exists: to bring light to positive events and experiences in the area which are often overlooked by traditional media outlets.

Our next issue is published in September, but we will be updating our Facebook page with news of upcoming events and meetings, as well as some event coverage. Look us up at

All of us at Boyle McCauley News wish you a wonderful summer!

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