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June 2017

June’s theme is “The Outdoors.” I think that’s quite appropriate since it appears as though the weather is finally on our side as far as outdoor activities go.

We also have a lot of community news and events to share, thanks to the hard work of our contributors. We have an increasing number of writers from Boyle Street, which is very exciting – people like Sharon Pasula, Anita Jenkins, and Joelle Reiniger who join regulars Manon Aubry, Alf White, Keri Breckenridge, and Reinhardt Heinrichs.
If you live in Boyle Street or McCauley and like to write or take pictures, get in touch with me at

I also want to give a shout-out to our incredible block carriers who deliver the paper every month in the McCauley area. We don’t have any routes currently available, but if you are interested should one come available, let me know. Routes are generally one block and take about a half hour per month in time commitment.

Enjoy the issue and I hope you all get to spend some quality time outdoors this month! See you next issue!

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