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Just For the Health of It

Health is made of up so many different aspects. There’s physical health and mental health, and there are many ways that we can take care of ourselves in terms of both of those things. People exercise, eat healthy foods, maintain a spiritual life, try to reduce stress, and when asked why they do these things the answer often includes something along the lines of it being for their health.

But what about when, despite our best attempts and intentions, things go awry with our health anyway? I know people who have cancer, or have suffered a heart attack, or had some other kind of crisis who, by all outward appearances, live very healthy lives. Some of them have even pointed out the irony of their situations.

Then, why bother to go jogging, or eat your fruits and veggies, or meditate? Because, even though there are things that are out of our control, living a healthy lifestyle is still a better option. None of us has a crystal ball that will let us know what will happen to our health in the future, but maybe that person with cancer is doing better because they were in a stronger place while going through treatment. Perhaps someone experiencing depression finds exercise a way to enhance not only their physical energy, but their mental energy as well.

Of course, I don’t agree with being a fanatic about one’s health either. I think there is a (dare I say it?) healthy balance we all need to discover for ourselves. It’s all about moderation. Enjoy some chocolate, or a juicy burger, or spend a day vegging out in front of the television but not every day. Make healthy choices, hope for the best, and keep living life.

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