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Ken Hillaby: Definition of an Artist

Ken Hillaby. Supplied

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets; art deserves that, for it and knowledge can raise man to the Divine.”- Ludwig van Beethoven

How fitting I live in a co-operative named “Artspace” and am surrounded by unique neighbours/members of many talents and appreciators of the arts.

A former member was an opera singer, and one current member is an artist and an art teacher. I love the complexity of my neighbours!

One such talent is not only a member, but a long time friend, mentor, and a humble but extremely talented musician: Mr. Ken Hillaby! The mention of his name literally brings music to my ears.

Ken started playing and creating music at the age of four. He hails from a very talented musical family who are accomplished at many instruments. Ken’s choice is the piano. His roots are in Edmonton and he has played and shared the stage with many of Edmonton’s finest. He has spent time touring, playing clubs in upstate New York. During the early 60s he worked with the Brinkman Brothers for three years, which became a famous band from Europe.

During the 70s, he was doing CBC national radio shows and worked with people like Sean MacNalley, Brett Miles, John Black, Miguel Ferrer, Bill Mutual, and Phil Dino in a band Success Widout College in the early 80s (Editor’s Note: the middle word in the band’s name actually is “Widout.”)

His forte is jazz and his force is talent. If you see Ken perform, you can truly see he enjoys what he does (and so does his audience!). He encourages others to do what they feel passionate about.

Did I mention he studied writing and art for eight years at The University of Alberta, and loves to paint?

Ken Hillaby is the definition of an artist!

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