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London Villas Hub is Ready to Open

Former church building is intended to be a community gathering place.

The interior of London Villas Hub. Steve van Diest

If you have been walking around McCauley lately, you may have noticed some construction happening over at 9620 109 Avenue, the former location of Cornerstone New Testament Church of God.

The church was sold to Evelina Developments back in September of 2017. Interior construction has been going on since, with almost no clue as to what was taking place inside. Not even I (business owner Evelina Mannarino) knew what I was going to create!

The interior was old and dirty, so I started with completely gutting the insides. I thought about doing office spaces but as people that came through and saw the renovations, they started to book their weddings.

Built 100 years ago in 1917, the original use was an Ukrainian Greek Catholic Association Hall. Currently going through a heritage designation, Evelina Developments is creating the vision to bring it back to what it once was, a community and gathering place for all.

Now that the renovations are complete, London Villas Hub is ready to become the community hub it once was, catering to weddings, events, and other important events. Bringing even more life back into the community of McCauley, it plans on becoming the gem it once was!

The grand opening is scheduled for some time in March of 2018. To get on the guest list, email or call (780) 970 2106. Thanks to many people in the community of McCauley who wrote in requesting to keep the building as-is, and restoring it to become a community gathering place once again.

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