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Marvellous Maggie

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

I can truly believe this quote as my little rescue dog I feel actually rescued me! She is a comfort, wise, knows my emotions, knows when I’m hurting, and knows when I’m happy.

Maggie came to me in a disheveled way, reminding me of my journey with my health setback. I feel we found each other at a time we both needed each other. I provided her shelter and necessities; she provided me with a sense of companionship only she could offer. She is such a personality, as am I. She makes me laugh. I have had other pets through my life but this little girl is the one I will always remember most.
She gives me exercise, and when I travel she is the first thing I miss. I make up songs about her, I talk to her like she is listening, and can just spend hours in her company and never feel alone.

I think rescue animals know who saved them (and the feeling is overwhelming). As I am writing this, Maggie is at my feet. When I get up she follows.

Pets add more to your life than you think! Treat them as you would treat yourself, with dignity and love. They may be in your life briefly put in your heart forever.

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