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May 2017

Welcome to our May issue! Our theme this month is The Arts, and we have profiles of numerous creative people from the area.

We want to get to know our readership better, in particular how you read the paper and what kind of content keeps you coming back. Check out page 6 for our Readers’ Survey, which is also online.

I want to extend thanks to Karen Simons who did a stellar job of proofreading the paper over the past few issues while my mother was dealing with some health issues. I also want to thank Dan Glugosh and Adam for helping get our new-to-us newspaper boxes on the street and move our existing one to a new location. More about that on page 13.

Since this is an Arts issue, I feel it appropriate to ask: do you like to write? Take pictures? If the answer to either of those is “yes,” please get in touch with me at to learn more about opportunities.

Also, are still looking for casino coming up on July 26 and 27. If you would like to volunteer, please send me a note and I’ll let Colleen know you are interested.

Enjoy the issue! See you in June!

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