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May 2018

Welcome to May! As I sit here writing this, it is still April, and still unseasonably cold outside. However, at least the sun is shining. Oh, wait just a minute – is that snow I see falling from the sky?

Spring seems like it may be a little late this year, but thankfully reading Boyle McCauley News is an activity that can take place indoors! Our contributors are tackling the theme of “Home” in this issue. We also have community news and views from our writers and photographers.

We’re always looking for new contributors from McCauley and Boyle Street, so if you want to discuss you can reach me at In particular, we need photographers who can drop by community events and take some pictures. You don’t need a fancy camera – if you have a phone that takes high resolution photos, that will work just fine.

Have a great month! Remember that we’re online at You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter (bmcnews) as well as "Instagram": (bmcviews).

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