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Spring-Summer 2021

It’s time for issue number three of the paper for the year. As I explain in detail in my column on this same page, it is also going to be our last print issue for a while.

Our biggest challenge at the moment is keeping the paper sustainable. “Toss Us Your Toonies” is our micro-donation campaign which allows you to donate as little as $2 each month. Every little bit helps. The paper is hitting a critical point financially, and your support is needed. Head to for more information.

During this “down” time, we are going to continue to keep our website updated with stories from around the area by our contributors and from community organizations. Visit, and sign up for our free e-newsletter which will be delivered straight to your inbox.

We will also keep posting updates to our social media users. Please follow us. Like our posts. Share our content. We post new content and photos, as well as related news from other sources. We’re bmcnews on "Facebook": and "Twitter":, and bmcviews on Instagram.

Thank you all for your support of the paper. Your volunteerism, financial donations, and even words of encouragement are appreciated.

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