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Meet the MCL Board of Directors

Jordynn Vis - MCL Board President

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Jordynn Vis
MCL Board President

I’ve lived in McCauley for just over five years. We love the mature neighbourhood, and being just a quick 20 min walk from downtown is really a treat. Prior to the pandemic, we would walk on Saturday mornings to our favourite breakfast spot on Jasper Avenue. You don’t get to do that in many of Edmonton’s neighbourhoods.

I first got involved with McCauley events during the community garage sale. I realized I wanted to do more. I joined the MCL Board because I wanted to advocate for my block, and joining my community league was the first step. I’m looking forward to working closely with others in the community and to making a difference.

I am a kitchen designer and love all things kitchen stylings, home organization, and tiny space planning.

Kevin Jones
MCL Board Vice President

I moved to McCauley as a first-time homeowner in 2005, drawn to the area by the large elm trees that line the streets of 1900s-era homes.

I grew up in a small Northern Ontario town playing ball hockey, sledding at a nearby park, and beating the heat at the local pond in the summer. Everyone seemed to know each other and looked after one another. Now, 30+ years later, my two daughters (Tiffany and Danica) and I enjoy playing ball hockey in the Stadium parking lot, sledding down what’s known to neighbours as “Happy Hill,” skating at our local rink, and spending time at Giovanni Caboto Park.

I’m a member of the Boilermakers Local 146 working in the oil, gas, and power plant industry. I can often be found walking my dog Roxy, rollerblading and cycling with my kids, and trying to keep our neighbourhood clean and safe by picking up litter, blowing snow off sidewalks, or watching for suspicious activities.  

I’m proud to live in such a wonderful, diverse community where we can meet people from different generations and from all corners of the world. I look forward to meeting more neighbours and to helping the community stay connected, informed, and grow to its full potential.

Grace Kuipers
MCL Board Secretary

I’ve lived in McCauley since 1989 when I went to King’s College, which used to be kitty-corner to Lucky 97, which used to be a Safeway.

I moved to the south side for a year, but came back because I love the variety of culture and old neighbourhood feel about McCauley. I lived in the Inn Roads Housing Cooperative for a few years, and have been at the house on 109A Avenue since 2000.

I was the EMSA North soccer director for McCauley from 2006-2015, when our U14s won Provincials. I have been on the board on and off since about 2003. I have always been big on sports and programming in McCauley.

Currently, I would like to bring back the McCauley adult art class, which we ran for about seven years here. I work as a florist, and I love gardening and anything artistic.

Adam Snider
MCL Board Director

I moved to McCauley with my family in 2016. I love being within walking distance from two grocery stores and the many great restaurants in Chinatown and Little Italy. You’ll often find me stopping at the Italian Centre on my way home from work or hanging out in Giovanni Caboto Park. I joined the board to take a more active role in my community and help make McCauley an even better place to live.

David Williamson
MCL Board Director

Our family made McCauley our home 11 years ago this spring. It’s a vibrant and colourful community which makes for a wonderful space – close to recreation facilities, transit, parks, and unique businesses.

We’re grateful to have connected with neighbours and broadened our circle of friends, and we look forward to many decades of life into the future here in our wonderful community.

Alice Kos
MCL Board Director

I became a resident of McCauley 11 years ago, when I moved in with my now-husband (who also happens to be Mark Davis of REACH Edmonton/Safer McCauley). Having grown up in the community of Beverly, the overall vibe of the neighbourhood felt familiar to me and I quickly fell in love with many neighbourhood gems in Little Italy and Chinatown.

Mark and I have two kids – a 2.5 year-old girl and a 5 year-old boy – and my relationship with McCauley is one wherein I feel increasingly committed to stay. The strong sense of connectedness I feel with my neighbours and fellow community members has come to mean a lot to me.

I joined the MCL Board because I want to engage with the community on a deeper level. I’m interested in helping to strengthen community partnerships, to take action toward tangible outcomes, and to help further McCauley as the kind of community our kids love growing up in.

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