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Memories: Holding On to Joy

“Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.” -Oscar Wilde (Irish Poet/Playwright 1854-1900)

Our memories are how we interpret the feelings at the time. Fond memories bring us back to an experience of joy. We should concentrate on those – a nice encounter, or a joyous occasion.

It is interesting to know what can trigger a memory: a word, a song, a colour, a picture.

When I had my setback, in the first year, my short-term memory was affected but my long-term memory seemed to be sharper. My journey at times was not pleasant, but I reflected on past times when I was happy, and the people who surrounded me. This took me to a calm place and really helped me cope on rough days.

Think of your memories like an old film. The character, settings, and moods cannot be replicated, but re-watching (or, in our case, re-thinking) can give you satisfaction.

As summer is approaching, I will reflect on memories of past summers and enjoy the feeling.

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