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New Art Gallery in Chinatown

Maria Pace-Wynters opens a new space to showcase her unique artwork

Some of Maria Pace-Wynters’ work inside her new gallery. Supplied

Local artist Maria Pace-Wynters has set up a self-titled shop in a new gallery space at 10563 97 Street.

“I was driving down 97 Street and saw a For Rent sign in the window of this tiny little shop and I thought, ‘That is so cute. That would be the perfect size for me to sell my artwork’. Patrons are constantly asking me if I have a place that they could come see my stuff in person,” says the artist.

“I really didn’t know I was looking for a space until I saw that For Rent sign in the window. It being in Chinatown was just an added bonus. Everyone has welcomed me with open arms and Asian art and culture have always influenced my art, so it has all worked out perfectly. I am originally from Victoria and one of my favourite places to visit is Chinatown. I love this one shop called FanTan Gallery which is very western but at the same time fits perfectly among all the little Chinese shops. Maybe I can be the start of something like that in our Chinatown.”

Pace-Wynters is a mother of two daughters and has been a professional artist for the last six years. “My art is very much influenced by my two daughters. They inspire me and constantly remind me of my childhood. As a Mother I see how important it is to cultivate their dreams, encourage their aspirations and inspire them as much as they inspire me.”

You can learn more about Maria and her work at her blog:

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