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New HOTC Board Members!

Let’s give a big “hip hip hooray” to the new Heart of the City Board for 2020-2021! Jakki Duttenhoffer is stepping into the President’s role, and we know she’ll do a great job!

Next, we have long-standing – and super creative – Corine Demas as Vice-President, and Valorie Squires will be in charge of “our treasures” (a.k.a. as Treasurer).

We even have two brand new members! A mighty welcome to Sarah Seburn and Jenny Tsang. It sounds like they both have done a lot in the arts community, and we’re thrilled to have them join!

Lastly, it just wouldn’t be Heart of the City without the return of Mike Siek, Faytima Goble, Sebastian Barrera, and Elizabeth MacEwan.

Charity Slobod is past-president of Heart of the City, and current Community Liaison for the festival.

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