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November 2015

Few things are more enjoyable on a winter’s day than enjoying a good book, magazine, or community newspaper. Winter also just happens to be our theme this month.

I often use this space to applaud our dedicated volunteers, but I wanted to take a moment to thank the other staff who work with me on every issue of the paper. Boyle McCauley News would not look as good on print or online without the hard work of our Designer, Vikki Wiercinski. Vikki recently celebrated 10 years with the paper, which has come a long way since in the last decade.

My co-Volunteer Coordinator, Colleen Chapman, organizes our casinos, helps recruit volunteers, and makes sure the paper gets distributed each month – which is no small job! Colleen also celebrated 10 years with the paper this year.

We are eternally grateful for our Bookkeeper, Rosalie Gelderman, who spends hours in the office helping keep our books up-to-date and organized. As well, we have Wesley May who keeps our office clean, often with the help of his cousin, Ann-Marie Johnson.

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