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October 2020

Hi everyone! All of us here at Boyle McCauley News hope you are keeping safe and well.

As mentioned in “McCauley Musings” in this issue, we have discontinued our Canada Post mail-out to Boyle Street for financial reasons. Be sure to keep checking our website ( and our social media for the locations of the newspaper boxes we are placing in the area. We are bmcnews on "Facebook": and "Twitter":, and bmcviews on Instagram.

If you would like to facilitate delivery to your building, see page 11 about how you can become an Apartment Ambassador or Condo Connector. If you live in a house and can deliver to your street, we can also arrange a drop-off.

You can also help the paper remain sustainable in the future by taking part in our micro-donation campaign. Head to for more information. Even donating as little as $2 each month can go a long way towards helping the paper remain sustainable. We also hope to have other fundraising initiatives in the near future (like our recent Pampered Chef online party), so stay tuned!

Comments? Questions? Want to volunteer? You can reach me at

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