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Public Transit Adventures

“Transportation is the center of the world! It is the glue of our daily lives. When it goes well, we don’t see it. When it goes wrong, it negatively colors our day, makes us feel angry and impotent, curtails our possibilities.” – Robin Chase

Transportation not only gets us from Point A to Point B, it is a pivotal means of travel in any society. My mode of transportation is public transit. I applaud ETS (Edmonton Transit) for making their vehicles barrier free for persons with disabilities. Gone are the buses that have stairs to board.

We also have a Disabled Adult Transit System (DATS) that is very useful for those who have higher needs and does door to door service. People often inquire when I’m a passenger on a ETS bus why I am not using DATS. 1. I am a functional person with few needs. 2. It frees up a service for those who really do need it. 3. ETS is public transportation. You see all members of the public on City buses: seniors, mothers, children, those with special needs. Every citizen has a right to choose their way to get around.

Most of my trips are uneventful but for those who do have special needs (walkers, wheelchairs, strollers) common courtesy is also a safety issue. Priority seating is there for a reason. What I love about ETS is they have friendly reminders posted so everyone can see. I also love how ETS posts poetry on the bus for passengers to read.

The ETS website through is a bundle of information that includes trip planning, information on new innovations, route closures, etc. Also, the friendly staff at 311 can help.

Public transit is essential to everyday life, and with our city growing and more communities being built, it is only going to get more utilized and innovative, and it is more cost effective, scenic, and environmentally sound.

Like the old jingle used to go: “Take the bus – leave the driving to us!”

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