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Remembering Francis Gabriel Bad Eagle

Helped others in McCauley with sobriety.

A display at the funeral of Francis Gabriel Bad Eagle. Bernard Soberg

On February 28, 2015, a final mass and celebration was held for Francis Gabriel Bad Eagle (September 27, 1941 – February 22, 2015).

Held at Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples, the service and celebration were well attended. The service began with smudging and prayers in Francis’ native language. Traditional drumming added a powerful effect for those in attendance.

Francis is best remembered for his long service to those who struggle with alcoholism. Sober himself for over 40 years, he dedicated his life to helping others afflicted with this disease. An Alcoholics Anonymous group was started in the basement of Sacred Heart Church in 1976. Francis provided leadership to this group up until his death. At the end of the service, many went to the open microphone to express their gratitude for Francis’ efforts in the area of alcoholism.

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