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Stats from the Season

Dan Glugosh with long-time resident Jenny Malanchuk at the Family Day skating party on February 16. Paula E. Kirman

The 2014/15 season has come to an end. Before I get started with the stats for the year, I am going to give an update on the Family Day skating party. What a great day for a party. We had close to 200 people come out to help celebrate Family Day with us. We had hot dogs, hot chocolate, marshmallows, and wagon rides, and gave out lots of cool prizes.

I would like to thank the following people, organizations, and businesses for making this event work. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers: Shelly, Darren Pielak, and all the guys from E4C McCauley apartments, including Sasha Deelstra and David Prodan from E4C. Thanks to Al Hamilton and everyone from KIDS, Jane Molstad and Revitalization, Father Jim and Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples, City of Champions Lions Club, Elite Sportswear, Edmonton Oil Kings, United Cycle, and to anyone who I might have forgotten. Our community is grateful to all of you.

The 2014/15 skating season was a challenge but it was also a success and we were able to serve many kids and families throughout the season. Here is a breakdown of what happened:

  • November: The rink was able to open early. 173 people came out from Nov 18-30.
  • December: The rink served 1,041 people. 120 of those were at the McCauley Cup which was held on Dec. 23. We opened for 24 days and closed two days for the holidays and 5 days due to weather.
  • January: We served 327 people, opened for 17 days , and closed 1 day for the holiday and 13 days due to weather.
  • February: We served 608 people. 200 out of the 608 were from the Family Day event. The rink was open for 16 days and closed for 12 due to weather.
  • March: We served 143 people and were open for 6 days.

In total, we had 2292 people come down to the McCauley community rink and have fun. I would like to give a special thank you to the KIDS organization, whose generous contributions and hard work make it possible for McCauley to have the best outdoor skating rink in Edmonton. We are so grateful and would not be able to offer the programming and services we do without your help.

Now, we wait until the snow melts and water dries up. Then, the renovations will start. It’s going to be a nice spring at the rink.

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