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Renewing Commitments

Dear friends,

As our beautiful fall transitions to winter, many of us are hunkering down, getting cozy, and taking some time to reflect. I know that this time of year is often seen as a time of rest. Caring for ourselves and our loved ones by making time and space for rest feels more important than ever right now.

As we move toward the new year, let’s get a head start on renewing some of our other commitments:

To students, teachers, and school communities, that we’ll keep doing our best to make sure that they can learn together safely.

To healthcare workers, that we’ll show our gratitude for their ceaseless hard work in the face of incredibly daunting challenges by respecting and supporting the work that they do, and their right to be protected while doing this work.

To our community, both individual members and the whole, that we will speak up for each other, protect each other, and keep each other safe and healthy as best as possible.

As we’ve returned to the Legislature this fall, please know that I’m continuing to work hard to fight for my constituents here in Boyle Street and McCauley and throughout Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood. By standing up for public healthcare, supporting a strong education system with a modern, relevant curriculum for students, fighting for workers, pushing for access to harm reduction, housing and other vital ground-level supports, and much more, I’ll continue to be your voice at every opportunity.

I hope that you are all healthy, safe, and finding joy and connection wherever possible. While our constituency office remains closed to visitors at this time, we are available via phone and email, and are working hard to stay in touch with all of you. I am here to help, so if you need anything, would like to share your thoughts or feedback, or if you’d just like to say hello, please reach out!

And, of course, please continue to take care of yourselves and each other.

Janis Irwin, MLA for
Phone: 780-414-0682
Twitter / Facebook: JanisIrwin "Instagram": / "TikTok": @Janis.Irwin

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