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Safer McCauley Reports Back to the Community: 2020

In 2017, REACH Edmonton Council for Safe Communities hired a McCauley Coordinator to support the neighbourhood in addressing safety concerns. A McCauley resident was hired for the position, with other community members involved in the hiring. Safer McCauley began convening, connecting, and activating stakeholders to identify and address priority issues.

2020 has been a busy year, marked by a move towards addressing more complex, city-wide issues. REACH is receiving an increasing number of requests for support from other neighbourhoods. The McCauley Coordinator is now the Program Manager for REACH’s Neighbourhood Organizing Initiative.

Safer McCauley would like to provide you with our Annual Community Report Back (September 2019 to December 2020). Highlights include community-driven actions, strengthened collaboration between stakeholders, increased support for Chinatown, and breakthroughs on problem properties, needle debris, and garbage.

Please visit for the full report back about the following:

Neighbourhood Safety Councils
REACH is supporting the establishment of local safety councils in diverse Edmonton neighbourhoods. REACH sees the potential of a network of councils sharing best practices and resources.

Community Directions
REACH is increasing its capacity to support neighbourhoods through its Community Directions initiative. New online tools deploy surveys to identify neighbourhood priorities and create a shared vision for neighbourhood safety.

Community Project Guidebooks
REACH is partnering with community members on a catalogue of Community Project Guidebooks: stories about successful community-driven safety initiatives in diverse neighbourhoods.

McCauley Dog Walkabout
Several community-driven initiatives have been activated to promote safety, connectivity, and vibrancy in McCauley. Dog Walkabouts are a fun way to get exercise, explore the community, and meet neighbours!

McCauley Litter Blitzes
This activity brings volunteers together to address litter. Six events have brought out 120 people and collected 98 bags of litter. 96 Litter Kits were also distributed to community members this season.

McCauley Clean-Ups
COVID-19 dictated an adaptation to the traditional community clean-up. McCauley Revitalization, McCauley Apartments, E4C, Boyle Street Ventures, McCauley Community League, and Safer McCauley collaborated on three clean-ups to remove 42 loads of illegally dumped junk and unwanted large items from the neighbourhood.

Safer McCauley Community Conversations
Community meetings build and reinforce relationships, help identify priorities and solutions, and connect stakeholders to information-sharers.

McCauley COVID-19 Support
Online channels, including the Facebook group McCauley Connect & Share, the Facebook page @SaferMcCauley, and have supported the distribution of information related to COVID-19.

Collaboration in Chinatown
REACH is facilitating a process that brings together Chinatown BIA stakeholders to address their safety concerns.

Chinatown and McCauley Safety & Cleanliness Resource Guide
Collaboration in Chinatown and McCauley has produced enhanced services to address safety and cleanliness. New “who to call” resources will soon be available.

Problem Property Initiative (PPI)
A Safer McCauley meeting triggered several events, contributing to the new Problem Property Initiative and its more aggressive action plan. Positive outcomes are evident, including the identification of properties for purchase and redevelopment.

Problem Property Initiative, Community Oversight Committee
In developing the PPI, the City consulted directly with community members affected by problem properties – and a Community Oversight Committee was formed.

Needle Debris
REACH is promoting collaboration to build a more robust and coordinated response to needle debris in Edmonton.

2020 has been a busy year, marked by a move towards addressing more complex, city-wide issues.

Needle Collection Data Integration Project
REACH and City of Edmonton are coordinating the adoption of a shared data collection process to track needles and improve efficiency in resource deployment.

McCauley Crime Statistics
Safer McCauley is monitoring crime statistics and investigating correlations with environmental factors, and possibilities for improved resource deployment.

Bridging Community & Enforcement
REACH is engaged with EPS and Community Standards to investigate possibilities for strengthening relationships between front-line enforcement and community members.

Resource Connect
Resource Connect 2020 brought together 93 organizations and drew over 550 visitors to McCauley.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributes to well-being in McCauley. Please visit and Facebook @SaferMcCauley. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with me directly at

Mark is REACH Edmonton’s Neighbourhoods Convener. He can be contacted at

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