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Soccer is Back in McCauley!

Some eager soccer program participants from a previous year. Paula E. Kirman

The outdoor soccer program in McCauley is indeed happening! Thanks to all who helped quickly put the word out, particularly BMC News and neighbourhood schools, as well as those who helped with late registration.

We managed to register six teams in a matter of four days. Special thanks to the Boys and Girls Club for accommodating us, filling out forms for the kids in the club, photocopying, and being such a wonderful support to the McCauley Soccer Program. And, of course, we are very pleased that so many parents offered to coach a team at the last minute.

We will have two U6 teams, 2 U8 teams, a U10 team and a U12 team. Nick Hermansen will coach one U6 team and Randy Loewen will coach the other. Corrine McKell and Ron MacLellan will coach one of the U8 teams, and Michael Ross and Erin Crocker will coach the second U8 team. Erin Crocker, Dan Glugosh, and Michael Ross will coach the U10s, and Tanya Savage and two young soccer athletes will be coaching the U12s.

Also thanks to those folks who are playing for our neighbouring club in Highlands for your understanding, and we look forward to hi-fiving you on the field when we see you.

Thanks again to everyone for your great efforts, and we look forward to a very busy, successful soccer season in McCauley.

Grace is the McCauley Soccer Director for EMSA North.

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