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Summer at Zocalo

_“Oh, the summer night has a smile of light and sits on a sapphire throne.”
- Barry Cornwall (English Poet 1787-1874)_

Oh, the joys of summer the season we welcome every year. You can count on our community and city being a flurry of activity including festivals, events, family vacations, and even construction to upkeep and maintain our neighbourhood.

A favorite of mine is Zocalo at 10826 95 Street, a must-visit place of plentiful plants, herbs, flowers, and knick-knacks to please every gardener whether you’re a first timer or have a green thumb!

Zocalo takes its name from a Mexican word meaning “Public Square,” so we are very lucky to have a beautiful meeting place to shop, meet, and converse in the heart of our community.

It also has a café with a great menu of coffees, light fare lunches, and sweet treats to please every palate.

You can even “nosh in the nursery” surrounded by the fragrance of plants and flowers.

Many eye catching planters, gifts, vases, and crafted patio tables are for sale. They are very original things you won’t elsewhere!

On a great summer day, it is great to “Meet in McCauley,” do some great shopping, have a nice light lunch, select plants and flowers if you wish, and transport yourself into a serene setting!

The originality of our district never ceases to amaze me. I often take my guests from out of town to browse what can be found right near me. Places like Zocalo always remind me why I love this area!

Have a safe, happy summer!

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