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Sustainability: It’s Where You Live

When I think about the word “sustainability,” I immediately think of trying to live a more “green” lifestyle, one which possibly includes recycling, gardening, and consuming less in general.

In many ways, the neighbourhoods of Boyle Street and McCauley embrace sustainability. There are community gardens which add beauty while bringing neighbours together. The annual McCauley Clean Up is a huge effort that results in a less cluttered area. Many residents here embrace recycling, gardening, and transportation other than personal vehicles: walking, cycling, and public transportation.

When simple lifestyle changes become habit, real change can happen. I have never (yet) owned a car, so alternative forms of transportation have been part of my life for a long time. However, I know people who have actually given up their cars in favour of walking or cycling more. Not only does this have impact on the earth, but also on their own bodies and wallets. It’s healthier and cheaper.

Centrally-located communities like Boyle Street and McCauley are very walkable. Communities further to the suburbs are more car-centric. So, in many ways, one’s choice of where to live has an impact on sustainability. When I ask people about why they decided to live here, quite often the answer includes “walkability.”

While anyone, anywhere can make changes towards living a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s great that there are those who make a commitment to sustainability by where they choose to live.

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