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The Speed of Summer

As I reflect upon the couple of months that have passed since the last issue was published, the main thing that comes to mind is how fast this summer flew by. Summer is always too short in my opinion, but this one hit a new record.

Perhaps it was the unrelenting heat that at times made me think about where our earth is heading in terms of a climate emergency. I don’t recall a summer with so many days over +30 extending into late August. Admittedly, I am one of those people some find annoying, who prefers +30 to -30. However, I also can’t ignore the realities of climate change, and wonder anxiously what our upcoming winter is going to be like.

Perhaps summer seemed shorter because I finally had the chance to attend my favourite events since 2019, particularly the Folk Festival and Blues Festival. I also did a volunteer stint as a photographer with the Fringe, and stopped by the Heritage Festival. At all of these events I met up with people I haven’t seen in literally years – at least, not in person. As someone who tends to be introverted, this was both exciting and exhausting.

Perhaps my wistful longing for summer to never end was because of changing dynamics in some personal relationships. Some were due to simply being out and about more as described above, and being able to reconnect with folks – including a few pleasant surprises. At the same time, other experiences presented the opportunity for self-reflection.

So, while summer may be over, its effects continue. I hope for an autumn and winter of joy for all of us.

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