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The Wonder of Spring

Oh March, the technical beginning of spring, how like winter you do look. In Edmonton, by March we are usually out of the clasp of winter but still awaiting the embrace of spring. It’s a time of year that stretches my patience. Quite frankly, this year I was finished with the cold season by the new year. That arctic vortex just did me in. Admittedly, that cold week was subsequent to three weeks of above zero temperatures so I really shouldn’t have much to complain about. I still will, though.

Don’t get me wrong – winter most certainly holds its beauty. With still nights and street lamps reflecting off of new snow, it is loveliness I behold. Until my nose gets uncomfortably cold – then I’m outta there, hopeful that I don’t slip on an icy sidewalk in my rush home.

I embrace winter as much as I can, but I wait for spring. And wait and wait. Just when I think it has finally come, we have a late snowstorm. As much as I have come to expect these little twists from Mother Nature, they still annoy me because I think I can hear her laughing at me at those times.

That’s okay because spring, like winter, inevitably comes around. I can open my windows and let the freshness flow through my space. I can spend some time on the balcony with a little wine as I watch the sun set. I can be more out in the world without the worry of frostbite or the need for a hot bath to take the chill out of my old bones. Reinhardt and I start talking about neighbourhoods to explore on our walking adventures and recounting old ambles and the treasures they brought.

We are primarily pedestrians, so weather is an important factor in deciding where we will go and for how long. We are more in touch with the world and nature when the days are longer and warmer. Spring, for us, is an opportunity to again be more a part of the world and to behold all its wonder.

Keri lives in Boyle Street where she is awaiting spring to arrive.

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