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Those Christmas Feelings

Memories are made at Christmas with loved ones

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” – Edna Ferber

I can’t help but feeling a sense of warmth when this season approaches. Memories are made at Christmas, with the array of festivities, gatherings, and spending time with loved ones, despite the temperature being cold.

One of my favourite Christmas memories is recent. It seems the more I mature, the more family has importance. Bloodlines make you related. Love makes you family!

A few years back, after not seeing a treasured friend I proudly call my “bonus sister,” I was invited to a celebration and dinner at her home. Much time had gone by since we had seen each other, and she was now the proud mother of two astonishing adult children who of course are my “bonus niece and nephew.”

The feeling of elation being surrounded by the gorgeous decorations, the scrumptious, succulent traditional feast, meeting new friends, and seeing familiar faces were memories I will keep forever. We laughed about old times, did a traditional gift exchange, and we all came away feeling grateful – not for the gifts that we received, but for the time we spent with each other. I never realized how important and dear this feeling was.

We all maintain busy lives but gathering with loved ones, family or not, is the greatest gift of all.

We all maintain busy lives but gathering with loved ones, family or not, is the greatest gift of all. It gave me a sense of belonging, meaning, and inclusion.

I wish the best holiday season for all, including my family and my “bonus” family. Reconnecting with those who mean the world to you is a treasured gift. Also, my bonus sister has become a resident of this community!

Jodie, Jenna, Dustin: thank you for giving me the best gifts ever: belonging, acceptance, and love! Happy Holidays to all!

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