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Tony Goes to Greece - Sort Of

Gyro platter. Tony Forchetta

Oil Lamp
10247 97 Street

Yo! How’s it going? So, lately we’ve been feeling like we needed a little escape to somewhere warmer. Missus Tony wanted to go to Greece – something about pictures she’s seen of Santorini.

I says, “I’ll do ya one better without the jetlag,” and took Missus Tony to the Oil Lamp Restaurant. It’s across from the Winspear (10247 97 Street). So ol’ Tones here is well-versed in most cuisine from this part of the world, having grown up with lots of Greek folks, and I know the real deal when I taste it. Since it was lunch we thought, “Hey – let’s eat a lot and we can sleep it off all afternoon.”

The menu has a lot to pick from. Most are traditional Greek items like spanakopita, calamari, and tzatziki, and then they also make pizza and some pasta dishes. They also make Saganaki which is pan-fried Kefalotyri cheese – amazing. For bigger dishes you’ve got things like souvlaki, steak, and lamb, as well as salmon and prawn dishes.

Now, Tony doesn’t have anything against vegetables, so if you are feeling a bit like, “I ain’t eatin’ no meat today,” there are plenty of choices there too – in fact, they have a whole section for it. But we were there for Greek and dove into that side of the menu.

Missus Tony ordered the appetizer platter and it was loaded with spanakopita, calamari, hummus, tzatziki, and dolmathes – those tasty little rice-stuffed vine leaves – and a basket of warm pita bread. Since Tony was hungry with a capital H, I went for the open-face Gyro platter. That’s Gear Oh not Ji Row, which, when pronounced that way, is actually a helicopter. Anyway, it was tasty Greek Gyros on pita with onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki along side some perfectly roasted potatoes and a small Greek Salad. (Hey – I already said I like vegetables.)

The meals gave us a perfect taste of everything and even some to take home, so Tony could have a snack later after his nap. Since it was lunch we really thought best not to have a cocktail, cause once you start . . . but with a soft drink and a decent tip for the amazing service it was about $50. Granted, the appetizer plate was pretty large.

So, if you’re in the mood for the warm white sand and Mediterranean vibe of Santorini, book a flight and get yourself there. But if you want to eat some really good Greek food and lie to your friends about going – go to the Oil Lamp, get your Greek on, and then head home for a nice nap just like your ol’ buddy Tony.

Tony lives in McCauley.

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