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Valley Line Offering New Horizons

The Quarters LRT stop. Paula E. Kirman

The Valley Line LRT finally opened in November, and one of the stops (Quarters) is in Boyle Street, at 96th Street and 102nd Avenue. Boyle Street resident Audrey Whitson recently led me and another friend on an enjoyable and interesting tour of the line, which extends to Mill Woods.

Starting from The Quarters at about 10 a.m., we first visited the revamped Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre, where you can find a small art gallery with a wide range of artists working in various styles and mediums. Then it was time for coffee, and the Aum Café in the mall filled the bill nicely. The service was most hospitable and the prices lower than in downtown Edmonton (Americano: $3.50).

We hopped back on the line and went to the Grey Nuns Stop, where we toured the spacious Mill Woods library, an LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certified (energy-saving) building that features natural light and houses the Mill Woods Seniors and Multicultural Centre. The search for a late lunch took us to the nearby Punjab Parantha Hut in a strip mall at 6574 28th Avenue. Once again, a fine feast was extremely affordable.

On the way back home, we got off at the Muttart Stop and had another coffee at Café Bloom, located inside the Muttart Conservatory. We are looking forward to returning to see the exhibits at the Muttart at one or more future dates. The offering at the time of our visit was a display of spring bulb flowers.

There is a lot more to see and do at or near the various Valley Line stops and stations, especially restaurants and cafés that we downtown folks may not have visited. Now that the LRT is on our doorstep, we can do that quickly and easily.

Note: This tour, or a similar one, would be enhanced by a visit to Double Greeting Wonton House, right next to the Quarters Stop at 10212 96th Street (cash only!).

Anita Jenkins is a retired writer and editor who lives in Boyle Street.

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