Valuable McCauley Safety Council Projects

“What does the Safety Council actually do?” This is one of the questions most frequently asked of Safety Council volunteers. In short, your Safety Council, in partnership with McCauley Revitalization and other stakeholders, identifies concerns and consults with the City of Edmonton on how safety-related resources may be allocated in our community.

Many of the safety projects happening in McCauley were initiated in response to concerns expressed by residents like you. Some seem to happen like clockwork – so much so that many residents may not even notice! But, without them we would be noticeably worse off. Two examples are “Pick It Up” and the Mustard Seed Syringe Pick Up. Both exclusive to McCauley, they supplement work done by the City to address litter, back alley and vacant lot issues, and discarded needles.

That truck you have seen driving through your alley removing refuse and large items is the “Pick It Up” project. Funded through McCauley Revitalization, it has been collecting items such as mattresses, furniture, televisions, bikes, tents, and abandoned camps since 2011. Community spotters work with a Municipal Enforcement Officer who reports issues to McCauley’s Revitalization Coordinator for action. Most pickups take place between April and September, with a few over the winter. How valuable is this project? In 2011, five loads left the community for the Edmonton landfill. In 2014, that number grew to 19. Last year, 31 loads were removed at total cost of $4,850.

Another collaboration with McCauley Revitalization, the Mustard Seed Syringe Pick Up is one of the only services addressing discarded needles on both public and private property. Visiting identified hot spots and responding to requests from community members between May and October, this service collected 4,521 stray needles in 2017 alone.

The numbers might suggest that things are worsening, but it could also be that we’re getting better at reporting issues as we see them. If you want to make a positive change in our community, report your concerns. Resources cannot be allocated to a situation that goes unreported. What would our community look like if you kept quiet? And how would it look without these services?

Safety Council meetings are open to all. Come and see what it’s all about.

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Elisa is the Chair of the McCauley Safety Council.

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