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Waiting for Winter

A couple of years ago, I started to write a song called “I Wait for Winter.” I used all kinds of imagery associated with cold weather to paint a rather gloomy scenario involving a number of people whom I care about leaving my life in one way or another. From a literary standpoint, I was using winter as a metaphor for loss.

However, just because the weather is colder and there appears to be less natural life springing up around us, doesn’t necessarily mean that winter has to be one long, depressive episode.

In fact, winter can be a time of renewal. The slate can be wiped clean, so to speak. There can be new opportunities and experiences to explore – even in the face of loss.

I have since reflected upon my words and realized that I find winter to be a rather inspirational time of year. What better time to work on creative projects than when the weather is too cold to do a lot of things outside. Chilly temperatures can keep me moving at a faster pace, both physically and mentally, in an effort to stay warm and to prevent myself from being overtaken by the extended hours of darkness.

Last year, not being happy with my lyrics, I decided to rewrite the last verse of the song in a way that evokes reuniting with someone from whom you’ve been apart for a long time, projecting hope for what the future can bring. Winter can give us something to hope for. We can hope for a time of reflection and renewal, and can look forward to spring and the new life that season brings.

Not that winter can be any less beautiful. Freshly fallen snow, icicles, and hoarfrost on plants can be stunning. It all depends on one’s perspective.

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