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April 2017

Sustainable Living is our theme for April, which seemed an appropriate topic for the spring when some people start to tend to their garden. However, as I look out the window while writing this (in mid-March, around the time of our editorial deadline), and as several contributors noted when sending in their work, it looks like anything else but spring out there! That being said, hopefully by the time this issue hits the streets (and our website), the temperatures will be warmer and most of the snow will be gone.

Here is some news about BMC News: Grace Kuipers began handling the distribution of the paper with the last issue. She makes sure that the paper gets mailed to Boyle Street and that the block carriers in McCauley receive their papers. It’s a huge job, and we are so grateful that she can help us. Many thanks to Colleen Chapman who was handling distribution, as well as Heather Van Boom, who was assisting her.

We have a casino coming up this summer, which helps fund the paper. If you would like to volunteer to help at the casino, please send me a note at and I’ll pass you along to Colleen, who is organizing things.

Have a great April! See you next time!

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