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Clara Gladue: Faith and Encouragement

Clara playing bass with her band Micah at the 2012 Heart of the City Festival. Paula E. Kirman

Readers of Boyle McCauley News should be familiar with Clara Gladue’s smiling face that accompanies her column Drum Beats.

I met Clara in late 2009 when I was working with Action for Healthy Communities as a Community Animator for McCauley. Clara was also working with the program for both the McCauley and Aboriginal communities. She recognized me from my work with the paper, and after discussing it, decided to write a column for us.

In Drum Beats, Clara discusses her faith, family, community, and culture. She has lived in McCauley since 2005 and enjoys the diverse cultural community and affordability for her and her family, which includes six children and one grandson.

“The people around here are so nice,” she says. She adds that she has gotten positive comments concerning her articles. “I am glad to be given a chance to be a writer. I enjoy writing for Boyle McCauley News because it gives me a chance to express my opinion. Not only that, it may hopefully encourage others also. It is a nice paper with so many contributors and Paula has been so encouraging and patient by allowing me to be a part of this community newspaper. I never ever thought I could ever be a writer for anything but I feel blessed by this chance and being a part of a good team of people. I enjoy volunteering.”

In addition to being a writer, Clara is also a musician. She plays the bass guitar in a Christian band called Micah, which has performed at various events in the area, particularly the Heart of the City Festival. Being a parent and grandparent takes up much of her time, as do church activities.

Clara, we are glad to encourage you with your writing and thank you for volunteering and sharing that encouragement with others

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