Days of Culture and Community

Many cultural and community events taking place in McCauley and Boyle Street are raising the profile of Edmonton’s inner city.

  • Panmela Castro, a renowned spray paint artist from Brazil, takes a moment to pose by her work-in-progress on the side of House of Refuge Mission on 103A Avenue and 95 Street in early October. Castro also painted a mural in Old Strath- cona while she was in the city. Paula E. Kirman

  • Fiesta Latina took place in Giovanni Caboto Park in mid-August. Organized by the Hispanic Heritage Society and its partners, Fiesta Latina celebrated Hispanic and Latino culture with music, dancing, a soccer tournament, and tradi- tional Latino cuisine. Paula E. Kirman

  • Volunteers helped clean up McCauley during the Big Clean on the morning of September 29. Paula E. Kirman

  • Meanwhile on September 29, over in Boyle Street, P&L Restaurant was host to the Min Tue 11 Orchestra and the Jim Findlay Trio in a spectacular fusion of traditional Chinese music and modern jazz called “Fancy Fretwork.” This event was part of three Alberta Culture Days events taking place in Boyle Street that day. Paula E. Kirman

  • September29wasindeedaverybusydayinthearea.AftertheBigClean,residentsofMcCauley had the opportunity to claim a tree to plant during the Big Dig in Giovanni Caboto Park. Paula E. Kirman

  • Pastor Bob van der Grift speaks with local artist Trevor Peters and Brazilian spray paint artist Panmela Castro at the House of Refuge Community Dinnner and Mural Engagement workshop on September 29. The event was organized by the Boyle Street Community League as part of Alberta Culture Days. Doyle Marko

  • Alberta Culture Days also saw the launch of the Creative Clubhouse. Located on the second floor of the bottle depot on 105 Avenue and 95 Street, the space is intended for creative under- takings in urban art. For more information, visit Paula E. Kirman

  • On September 22, the Boyle Street Community League celebrated Community League Day with a free barbecue, along with children’s activities and free community league member- ships. Pictured here is Melissa Milakovic, Program and Membership Administrator, explaining the perks of membership to a community member. Paula E. Kirman

A look at some of the exciting cultural events that took place in our community over the past couple of months.

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