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Editing Challenges

Summer is like a rebirth, a renewal, and a refreshing break from months of grey and cold. Summer also provides a short break from publishing BMC News. I am looking forward to getting a chance to relax. The last few months have been colourful, to say the least.

Many people do not understand how multifaceted the work of an editor is. The finished paper is the most obvious result of the fruits of my labour. However, there is much more to the job besides getting each issue of the paper from the initial assigning and editing of stories to the point in which it is sent to the printer. This includes overseeing staff and volunteers, managing the day to day operations of the paper, keeping our distribution routes current, and updating the website. It is a big job for a small community newspaper with limited resources.

Diversity is a major part of BMC News. Many of our volunteers are people who are marginalized for one reason or the other, and the paper gives them a voice in a public forum that they otherwise may not be able to access through other media. Their voices present a variety of perspectives on a number of topics.

As well, we have never made a secret of the fact that we seek out the positive things that happen in the area – which encompasses two neighbourhoods (Boyle Street and McCauley). We report on those things that mainstream media overlooks. This is part of the paper’s history and mission. That doesn’t mean we ignore the social issues here – we just don’t dwell on them. The paper has existed for over 35 years, so obviously it is doing something right.

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