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Get on the LIVINGbridge

The LIVINGbridge Jerry Aulenbach

The LIVINGbridge is an urban garden located on top of the abandoned CN rail bridge. The mission of the LIVINGbridge is to provide a space for the members of the three communities it “bridges” – McCauley, Boyle Street, and Downtown – to come together to connect with nature, learn from each other, and work towards the common goal of making Edmonton a better place to live and work.

It is a garden that exists for the enjoyment and nourishment of anyone who may find themselves on the site. The path that runs through the LIVINGbridge site is a busy pedestrian traffic corridor and we invite all of these people to relax, help out, taste, and enjoy. Next time you find yourself on the bridge, we welcome you to grab a bucket and help with whatever needs to be watered! Stick around and chat with the gardeners! Or, help to keep the site clean by picking up litter and debris!

Last year, the LIVINGbridge received the Award of Excellence for Community Based Projects at the biennial Edmonton Urban Design Awards. The goal this year is to recognize this award by continuing to develop the site and engage community members. Several community organizations have gotten involved this year, including the Inner City Rec Program, the YMCA Welcome Village, and the Assist Community Services Centre. In addition, other garden plots are maintained by members of the Downtown business community and other interested gardeners. We hope that the LIVINGbridge will continue to grow to reflect the rich diversity of the communities it represents.

This summer we’re looking forward to a great season full of community events. In the next couple of months, watch for the following developments:

- Music on the bridge! This summer we plan on hosting public piano courtesy of OpenPianoYEG, the project to bring upright pianos into outdoor public spaces. This project is intended to bring the community together in a low-cost project and generally enchant passers-by with spontaneous interactions in public spaces.

-LIVINGbridge and Boyle Street Community League unite! We are looking forward to an opportunity to co-sponsor a Quarters Cabaret at Boyle Street Plaza this summer. Stay tuned!

-LIVINGbridge as an art garden! Be sure to check out the upcoming Boyle Street Art Tour and Open Garden, which includes the bridge alongside some other fabulous public art in the neighbourhood.

For more information about how to get involved email or sign up for our e-newsletter at!

Stephanie is the LIVINGbridge site coordinator.

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