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Expressing Spirituality

Spirituality and religion are not the same thing. Spirituality is not a set of legalistic rules and regulations designed to control behaviour and instill fear of otherworldly consequences for not obeying. Instead, it is the ways in which we express a connection to forces that are beyond us, to whatever we call Divine or a Greater Power or God.

For many though, spirituality is expressed through one’s religious tradition. This is something very evident in this part of the city, where Church Street is home to a number of houses of worship from different denominations. While some flee the churches of their youth, others find comfort in the structure and worship styles with which they are most familiar.

Others find the spiritual in nature. Wiccans, Pagans, and people who don’t identify with any particular label but who perhaps find solace in the outdoors and all of the creation there to be found. Around here, there are plenty of old, beautiful trees to hug.

In Boyle Street and McCauley there are examples of pretty much every faith tradition. There are also people who simply find meaning in the world around them just through simple day to day experiences. For them, the meaning of life can be found through their relationships with their children, families, friends or through the work that they do or ways that they express themselves creatively.

Most of all, spirituality helps connect us with ourselves, with others, and with our community. It helps us find meaning in a world that doesn’t always make sense by reminding us that there is something out there, somewhere, greater than ourselves.

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