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Feeling the Holiday Spirit

“For me, I think everybody with half a heart tries to do their best to do their part of good during the holiday season.” Darren Criss (actor)

Oh, the holiday season! We create memories and spend time with loved ones. It can be a truly magical time of the year.

In a multicultural community like ours, it is interesting to see how everyone recognizes their culture. Most revolve around giving and receiving gifts, meals, decorations, and celebrations. Yes, I love a good get-together and giving and receiving gifts, but at times it pains me to see those who cannot revel in the festivities due to their circumstances. It is said that it is better to give than receive. As well, giving does not have to be expensive and some gifts can really help us feel the holiday spirit.

Any donation to Edmonton’s Food Bank is appreciated: or to the Edmonton Christmas Bureau

If you’re anticipating taking advantage of those holiday sales, or revamping your wardrobe or kitchen, shelters will gladly take your donations:

Everyone deserves to feel the holiday spirit. Giving and sharing are great ways to enjoy it!

Happy Holidays!

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