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Food: A Matter of Choice

Food is definitely a topic near and dear to my heart (and stomach). I think it is for many people. I don’t know a lot of folks who dislike eating. What I do notice is that some people are becoming a lot choosier about what they put into their bodies.

In particular, many people I know want food that is local, organic, and non-GMO (not genetically modified). As a result, they shop locally, often grow their own food, and take part in events concerning food security.

Other friends have chosen to become vegetarian or vegan, due to health reasons or those of animal advocacy (or some combination thereof). I marvel at the creativity with which they use ingredients such as tofu, sprouted wheat, and kale to create meals that are delicious and often as hearty as those with meat.

Then, there are those for whom food can be a source of pain and discomfort if they make the wrong choices. I am talking about people with severe allergies to things like gluten and dairy. One wrong bite can lead to being out of commission for a little while.

Others abstain from certain kinds of foods, like pork, because of cultural or religious reasons. In this way, food can be associated with a spiritual dimension.

We all make choices about what we eat for a variety of reasons, the ones I have listed here being only a few of them. For others, it’s simply a matter of taste, or the opportunity for culinary adventures. Whatever you enjoy – bon appétit!

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