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From Our Garden to the Table

Some of the smiling gardeners of Peas Be With You. From left: Farley, Blythe, Margaret, Wayne, and Caitlin. Laura Fedoriw

Peas Be With You (located next to The Mustard Seed) is more than just a garden. It’s a space for teaching, learning, relaxing, and meeting new friends. As much as I love seeing the evolution of the garden from little seeds that turn into beautiful vegetables, my favourite part is taking those vegetables and turning them into a meal.

Our harvest meals have become an essential part of Peas Be With You. Once we start seeing our harvest ready to eat, we plan meal times. It is a process that begins with gathering whatever is ripe and ready, brainstorming what it could turn into and then it moves into the kitchen where everyone plays an essential part in the cooking. Our final products have included kale and spinach quiches, shredded beet salads, tomato soup, roasted vegetables, and strawberry tarts. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting around a table with friends, sharing stories, and eating the fruits of your labour.

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