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Kaffa Cafe and Dessert

Beef stew, salad, and mango juice. Paula E. Kirman

Kaffa Cafe and Dessert
9223 111 Avenue
(780) 756-4788

Located on a street peppered with empty businesses and run down buildings, Kaffa Cafe could easily go unnoticed. Still, the cartoonish illustrations of food and beverages caught my eye while walking down 111 Avenue, and I decided to check out what was inside.

Sparse and simple, the interior of Kaffa Cafe is spacious and looks like it hasn’t quite gotten its own identity yet from whatever restaurant was in its place before. Still, it is clean and bright, with seating that ranges from tables and chairs to a sofa.

The menu is also very simple, and covers a range of meats. Written on a blackboard, the choices include beef stew, chicken stew, steak, chicken pieces, lamb, and salmon. Pair your meat up with rice, spaghetti, or bread, and round out the meal with a drink (juices, water, or pop).

I decided to go for the beef stew with rice and mango juice. My server brought me a freshly tossed green salad to start, which was a pleasant surprise. A short while later, my stew arrived: carefully cut pieces of lean, marinated beef with tomatoes, spinach, onions, and other vegetables, atop a huge bed of long-grain rice. The stew was absolutely delicious – the meat was seasoned enough to be flavourful without being too hot, and tasted as though it had been slowly cooked for hours. Plus, the portion was ample enough to keep me full for the rest of the day. Best of all, this bountiful feast, including my large glass of mango juice, was only $12. For this amount of food, it was a bargain.

Although it wasn’t on the blackboard, my server told me afterwards that they specialize in samosas, and have them available to order in the restaurant. She also takes special orders for large quantities. I love samosas, so I am definitely looking forward to stopping by for a snack.

Places like Kaffa Cafe remind me that when it comes to restaurants, sometimes looks can be deceiving. Ignore the sketchy location and and simple decor – there is a feast to be had within.

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