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Wild Rose Circle Project to Boost Chinatown

Noodle Noodle Restaurant, which will be demolished to make way for The Wild Rose Circle Project. Paula E. Kirman

The Wild Rose Circle Project was announced in mid June. It is a $50 million mixed-use development that will house 128 supported-living seniors units, 96 affordable-housing unites, 12 condominiums, and two floors of shops, dental and medical offices, a drugstore, and other businesses. The complex will be built along 106 Avenue and 100 Street, where Noodle Noodle Restaurant is situated. The owners of Noodle Noodle also own the land and are investors in the project. Their restaurant will re-open in the new building. Demolition and excavation on the site is expected to start in mid-July, with construction estimated at 20 months.

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