Editor’s Notes

March 2014

At Boyle McCauley News, we strive to include positive news about people, events, and the area in general – things that are ignored by the mainstream media which tends to focus on the problems affecting the area. Admittedly, not everything that happens here is sunshine and roses, so we also try to include news stories and opinion pieces that reflect some of the grittier issues here.

As an independent community newspaper, it is impossible to always stray from controversy. Over the years we have published pieces that both praise and criticize organizations and leadership that exist within the area.

Balance is important. In every issue of the paper both community leagues in the area have a full column in which to express pretty much anything they wish to communicate about their programs and issues with which they are concerned. Some of these articles have drawn numerous complaints from community members over the years, yet we refuse to silence these voices. Likewise, we have printed letters and opinions raising the ire of some.

We’re never going to please everybody all the time, and some people are often less pleased than others. Yet we will continue to print a variety of voices, because that’s what a newspaper does.

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