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Norwood Boulevard Needs Revitalization

The once vibrant area is now crumbling, but can be brought back to life.

From left: Alberta Avenue resident Natalie Crawford Cox, Parkdale resident Janis Irwin, and McCauley resident Dustin Bajer discuss options for Norwood Boulevard. Chantal Figeat

On November 30, 2016, area residents gathered in McCauley at the Ital-Canadian Seniors Association for the second City of Edmonton Norwood Boulevard Corridor Study public meeting.

Some long-time residents lament that once a vibrant commercial hub, Norwood Boulevard (111 and 112 Avenues) is now a neglected area with a number of buildings crumbling and in disrepair. While I am not able to reminisce about the Norwood Boulevard of yesteryear, I believe that there are many hopeful signs that this area is becoming a vibrant hub once again.

I personally saw the power of community on Norwood Boulevard during the many months that we had our campaign office set up there for the 2015 federal election. Folks who were out walking their dogs or just passing by would drop in and comment on how much they loved seeing what had once been an empty space now full of energy.

There is so much to love about the Norwood Boulevard area. From Tony’s Pizza to Commonwealth Stadium, the area is as diverse as it is dynamic. I love that the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society has their bustling BikeWorks North shop there. I love that brothers Philip and Mark Muz from Aviary Edmonton are setting up a stellar social venue in the old Tiffany’s Bird Shop. I love that there is just so much potential all around.

The challenge now, however, is to ensure that we can continue to promote the area and encourage others to do the same, spurring on investment and redevelopment. If you, like me, want to see Norwood Boulevard revitalized, I urge you to get involved. A third public meeting of the Norwood Boulevard Corridor Study is planned for the spring of 2017. More information can be found by searching Norwood on the City of Edmonton’s website at

Janis Irwin is a Parkdale resident who spends a lot of time in the Boyle Street and McCauley neighbourhoods.

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