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Putting Fun Into Dance

Mariah leading the Kids’ Dance Class. Paula E. Kirman

Dancing has always been a major part of my life, from the feeling it gives me, as well as the ever apparent physical fitness aspect.

From the moment I commenced this dance program I was unsure of what to expect. Were there going to be any students? Would they enjoy the styles of dance I teach? These questions and many more were running through my head. Ever since I was three years old I had grown up in a very strict dance environment where technique was always the main objective over having fun. So, I wanted my students to experience more than this. I wanted their focus to be on having fun and the technique in dance would follow.

This, of course, was easier said than done. From a slow start the program grew to have students consistently returning each week, to parents jokingly requesting an adult dance class. I grew to always look forward to planning and teaching classes to the point that it became the highlight of my week. This was something I never originally thought would be possible for someone my age.

I have found that dance has many possibilities to offer from physical fitness, musicality, group work, as well as learning to become independent and confident in one’s own capabilities. I can only hope this program can continue to expand and make the students grow to have the same passions and positive attitude towards dance as I do.

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