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Local author and talk show host seeks to inspire others

Evelina Mannarino. Catherine Paloma

If you have not yet met Evelina Mannarino, chances are you will hear of her in the near future.

First of all, the McCauley-based author has written and published a book about real estate investments. Evelina has a wealth of experience in the topic both professionally and personally. She hopes to share her knowledge through Profits in Real Estate Rentals: Double Your Income in Short Term Rentals. Available on Amazon and other online retailers, she explains the process of purchasing, preparing, and renting properties.

Born in Poland, Evelina had been living in Vancouver. She moved to McCauley in the summer of 2011 after marrying someone from here. “I have always wanted to write a book about real estate. Since there were no other books on the market that are specific to short term rentals, I thought that I should fill that gap,” she explains.

Her marriage was also an inspiration. “My husband didn’t think I could write a book. That alone would probably be my biggest motivator – to prove him wrong! I always use people’s negative comments for something positive!”

Written in an inviting, personable style, the book is not just hard facts and legal advice. “I hope readers are able to laugh at the funny stories. I also hope that they plan their retirement better by not counting only on the government to take care of them during their retirement years. I hope that I can inspire people to save for their retirement so that they can enjoy those years fully.”
Evelina is also currently in the production stage of working on her own online talk show. The Evelina Show will deal with inspirational and motivational topics.

Evelina lives in and owns several properties on 96 Street. She hopes to use her skills to improve that part of McCauley. She also wants to inspire others to pursue their dreams. “I hope that I can further motivate, inspire, and push people to go after their dreams and live the life of their dreams, whatever that dream may be.”

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