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A Super Lunch Deal

A hearty lunch plate at The Wokkery. Paula E. Kirman

The Wokkery
10969 98 Street
(780) 424-6546

The Wokkery is a small Chinese restaurant just far enough away from the main drag of Chinatown, that unless you are very familiar with the area, you may overlook it. I know I have. Colleen pointed the place out to me for the first time this afternoon. Small and rather nondescript from the outside, the inside is quite warm and inviting. It’s small but clean, and the staff is very friendly.

We got there just after the lunch rush but in enough time to still order a lunch special. A number of combination plates are available for $6.95, featuring chicken fried rice, beef and vegetables, and a choice of Szechuan beef, sweet and sour pork, almond chicken, and the like. The soup of the day is also included.

I opted for a combination plate with sweet and sour chicken balls, while Colleen had the Szechuan beef. First came our soup – vegetable soup was the bowl du jour, which consisted of a soy-based broth and some over-cooked vegetables. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great.

Our plates came shortly thereafter. The first thing we noticed was the excellent value for the price. You won’t find a better deal on Chinese food, even in a food court. Plus, the quality was much better. The rice was fluffy and flavourful, while the beef and vegetables were tender and plentiful. My plate had four large chicken balls. The chicken was also tender within its deep-fried coating. Definitely not a dish for the health-conscious, but absolutely delicious and filling.

Colleen was similarly happy with her rice and beef and veggies. She also gave rave reviews to the Szechuan beef. I tried a piece and concur. It was lean, crispy without being too hard, and not overly spicy. I could see myself coming back for it.

If you would rather order plates to share, there is a large selection of rice, meat, seafood, and noodle dishes also in the $7 price range. Meals also come with tea. Including my co-worker’s pop, the bill came to less than $20 including the tip. The Wokkery could very well be the best lunch dining value in the area.

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